Intro to me and my infinite talking.

Well, I did it. I finally started a blog. I have been posting on FB (Facebook) for a couple years now and people are always telling me I should start a blog or write some essays. I’ve always loved writing and this seemed like a great way to get back into it. 

     I’m going to start out with a huge disclaimer so pay close attention. I will be giving my opinions……a lot. They are only opinions and you are welcome to disagree, but please do not leave me preachy comments thinking you are going to change my opinion. Also, I will be using “adult” language. These posts will not be for the faint of heart. I tell it like it is. People often tell me that I say things they themselves are afraid to say out loud. That would be me. I make no apologies. 

     I am open to topic suggestions. You will find that many of my posts will be related to my children whom I shall refer to as The Girl and The Boy. The Girl will be 8 this month and The Boy will be 7 in May. Those of you that know me and my family, I ask that you please not use my children’s names on this blog. Thank you. My first real post will come soon.



One thought on “Intro to me and my infinite talking.

  1. Dr. Mitch says:

    You GO, Girl! I’ve done some blogging and it hasn’t all been tame. The world needs THINKING PROGRESSIVE people to stop playing nice all the time. Best of luck!

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